As my artist's statement explains, my work is utterly incomprehensible and is therefore full of deep significance. -- Calvin and Hobbes

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Sitting and wishing

Viewing Angle, 6x6", acrylic on wood panel

Sitting -watching - reading - working. I read that we are pretty much screwed. Unless you are a landscaper or a professional dog walker, our sedentary lifestyles are doing more damage to our hearts, respiratory and vascular systems than our minuscule 30 minute effort of daily exercise can combat. Programmers, painters, I talking to you?  Be sure to give yourself something pleasant to look at while you're slowly spreading your underside into a chair killing yourself with your 4th coffee and a cronut. Ok, I'm talking to me. I am the biggest sitter. I figure if I don't talk gently, I'll be sure to get up and move more often. (apologies to the programmers, painters and receptionists.)  It's a good thing I have dogs because they force me to take them out at least 3 times a day.

This is another random abstract from my return to my studio. I'm feeling good about getting back to work and now I am tasked with working on my Christmas orders, so apart from the sleeping dogs next to me, my studio is beginning to be a flurry of activity.  I think maybe this season I may actually pay for Pandora, because I'm tired of putting on AC/DC radio and never hearing Back In Black. Perhaps with the paid subscription, they'll finally play it the tunes that apparently cost more to air.

I've never had a cronut. Where can I get one?

Have a nice day!


Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Concrete thinking for an abstract artist, Olé!

I'm sick of commercials approved by politicians who say nothing. If you're going to say nothing, at least have your mouth closed, that's what I think. 

When I finished remodeling my studio, I decided to get back to painting by doing a week of abstracts. Just loose fun, no tight detailed realism. Nothing contrived. Just paint, brushes, palette knives, even fingers, and a whole lot of blank surfaces on which to play. I had decided to just be willing to wreck every canvas I touched for a whole week in order to break the block I had been going through and get back to work! At first, I hated them all, all 20 of them, but the main reason for this was because I showed them to other people, people who were not really prepared to see them, people were not only use to seeing my usual stuff, but who were also themselves prone to favor realism. Note to self: DON'T EVER DO THAT AGAIN! - initial comments only gave me anxiety about my week's work, then I felt bad about my decision to share the paintings with them, thinking I probably just wasn't ready for abstracts. But, then something changed. Over the next couple of weeks, I realized that if you want to just do something, don't ask permission, and especially don't ask for approval! It's not about anyone else, it's about you! (It's always been about me.)  Also, on the flip side of that, I had to remember the productive spirit of Andy Warhol: It's not up to me to judge my work; just put it out there and make more art!  Once I began to give myself permission to be ok with letting loose, (and also not asking anyone what they think, either), I began to like the new work, a lot, and now that I'm ok with it, I can continue! 

Have a nice day,


Thursday, September 4, 2014

Repair, redo, rest. Repeat.

I'm in the final stretch of a forced basement remodel. We had a small slow leaking flood in the laundry room which left us with black mold and a task: Redo the basement how we have always wanted it, but never got around to because there was no emergency. Completely DIY, so it has taken months longer than I would have liked, but girl, has this girl got skills! I can hang dry wall, mud, put in molding, caulk, hang cabinets, tile and grout...and paint - of course, I already knew how to do that, but practice does make perfect! I bought a new angled brush that really cuts well and I found that I can trust my hand a little more on the edges with it, although I still taped quite a bit. Heck, I'm a regular jack of all trades these days.

So, my studio is there, in the basement... It was cluttered and dark and lacking in all things that inspire. Now, I've got bright can lights, bright tile floors and an empty room to fill up again. I'm not putting everything back, which will certainly cause another remodel somewhere else in our home, but for now, I need to create the perfect studio out of this small 12'6" x 12'6" room.

In progress, back recovering from tiling.

Little by little, things got done and now, after all these months, it has shaped up, into something for which I've been waiting many years; a creative and happy space to work and be inspired. I'm ready for re-entry. I can't wait to sit down at my desk and feel energized again with that verve! (Actually, I'm doing that now, writing this post.)

Today, the rug I've waited two weeks for arrived and the installation is complete. A studio that is brighter, finished, cleaner, neater, and full of less stuff. (Lots of stuff, but less stuff.)

Here's a pic with the rug down, which is my final large addition to the space. It has lots of fun colors to keep me happy and pulls the yellow walls and the red and gold chair together. It was cheap enough I don't care if it gets an occasional paint mess on it, and it's washable, too, which is good because there are two to three canine companions hanging out with me on any given day. So, new space!

After; the finished studio, all ready to get back to work!

I used to say, "I'm going to the dungeon!" when I was headed off to work. That was when the basement still had concrete floors and a $20 gray throw mat on them, with a window that had no trim molding and raw wood, baseboards that were never installed and plenty of little cracks which invited in the spiders. More than that, I had no place elsewhere in the house to put all my stuff, so I resorted to buying more and more bookcases and shelving units until the perimeter was completely stuffed with, stuff.  My husband, when he saw the sheer volume of my displaced stuff (all of it necessary-that's what an art supply hoarder says), exclaimed, "You never had a studio, you were just painting in a storage room!"  Truth. Pfffllbbttt.

Before; a terrible cluttered, dark and complicated place.

By the way, the guest bedroom is now the storage room, so if you want to stay over, you may have to climb on the bed to get around it. In fact, I haven't opened the bed yet to see. Hope that works out. Well, I'm off to buy gutters, which will be used for leaning art. More pics and panoramas in the next post!

Have a nice day,


Friday, February 28, 2014

Things that are working for me; note #2


Acrylic on wood panel

This is officially the last available panel of my Ethereal Flowers, Series I.  I thought I was sold out, but this little 6x6" panel was hanging out in a flower show downtown at the Artists Atelier Gallery & Studios, a neat community of really good fine artists, whose workspaces and showspaces are combined and delightfully in full view of the patron-visitor! Stop by Tuesday - Saturday, on Miami Circle in Atlanta and take home a work of art from the hands of a local artist. So, the flower show ended today and I was able to bring this piece home and offer her to you.  

I have recently opened a little gallery on Daily Paintworks, where you'll find only original paintings from painters all over the world., and me. I'll be offering paintings that occur in a series. I hope you'll visit my shop. I've provided a link below, which will continue to be available on the sidebar after this blogpost has moved down the list into oblivion. 

Have a nice day, Rebecca


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

AC/DC and other inspirations for painting

Custom hand painted glass ornament
Made to order of your favorite furry friend!
For more info: Smelly Rhino Studio

Yesterday was so balmy, incredible. A day not to be inside.  Today was a great studio day.  Overcast, plus, I had a dose of sunshine yesterday so I felt like being cooped up!

So, into the studio to work on some custom orders.

After perusing Facebook a while to procrastinate before committing to my paintbrush, I read a post from a childhood friend asking what heavy metal song is my favorite.  I took that to mean back in the day, which for me would have been the 80's.  He struck a chord in me, and I promptly went to iTunes radio and chose the AC/DC station, which in turn started up my favorite rock song, one to begin a decade, (1980.) "Back and Black"-- It isn't even heavy metal! HA!  I have zero idea how this came to be my favorite, but I never tire of hearing it, even though I was the teenager who loved the B52s and Cindy Lauper and all things New Wave, and couldn't have cared less about hard rock at the time.  Still, AC/DC stayed with me. weird.

So, after nearly 30 years, you can imagine how overjoyed I must have been when movie makers chose the song for the beginning of the first Ironman movie, which is my favorite superhero movie of ever, bar none! I left it on the station all afternoon and a plethora of 70's and 80's tunes, which apparently are considered "likeable" if you also like AC/DC, graced my ears -- Ozzie Osborne, Led Zepplin, Def Leopard and Guns N Roses. I know, Hair bands don't really qualify as heavy metal, but hey, I already mentioned I wasn't on a heavy metal channel.  It was awesome for my nostalgia seeking heart.

So, this ornament is what got finished during my reign of hair banditude. (yea, I made up that word.)

Ps. Hard rock seems to have a similar effect on me as heavy metal while painting; productive.

Have a nice evening,

For more information on how to order your own custom ornament, visit my Artfire shop or my Etsy shop and shop securely with confidence and checkout with Paypal or try direct checkout!