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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Road To Success..

An man was walking down the road when he met a guru.
Since these men are so wise, he thought he would ask the guru which way he should walk to find success.
The guru said, "The road to success is that way!"
So, on his way he went, in the direction the old sage led him. He traveled down the road a little way and "Splat!" He got the #*@$ kicked out of him. Hobbling back to the guru, he begged, "Why did you lead me down that road? I just got my a*# kicked. That surely can't be the way!! Which way is the road to success?"
The guru pointed in the same direction and said, "It is that way, for sure!"
So, the man went again down the road, and "SPLAT!" Again, He got the #*@$ kicked out of him.
This time, crawling back to the guru, crying, "Why did you send me down that road, I just got my a*# kicked again!" Pleading, he asked, "Please, tell me which way is the road to success?"
The guru pointed again in the same direction, "Success IS that way...just beyond the splat!"

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  1. Alright you have convinced me, I'm going back in.


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