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Thursday, March 26, 2009

I'll take "Things that keep me from working" for $500 Alex!

A new print available ready to frame or as a greeting card.

Yes, I have mentioned this before, as it seems to wreak continual havoc on me, but, I have noticed that the more I network, participate in groups and forums, post to the numerous artists' sites to which I belong, blog, tweet, plurk, update Myspace and Facebook....the less Frackin' time I have to do anything else...(at all).

Well, it's important to find a balance, and I don't own the Wii Fit game, which offers yoga, so I must pledge to find it somewhere else. (There is still some tax return left, so I could just go buy the damn game. After all, my 77 year old retired Nun/Aunt has one, why don't I?)

Of course, I only partly mean it when I say, "Stop Bothering me while I'm trying to ignore you!", because if I was truly ignoring you, I wouldn't have my Dell Mini right next to me in my studio, constantly reminding me that it's there, you calls to me, beckons, reflecting light at me like a little brother trying to annoy you by moving his watch up and down so it shines in your face, making you squint, until you pay it some attention.

I'll never get over my need for the Internet. I admit, I am an net addict, I work alone in a studio and the web is my companion! You understand, many of you. I have been waiting for something to come along to keep me on track, to help me limit the amount of time I spend online.

Cue the Space Odyssey Music (try to suppress the memory of monkeys beating bones and stuff) ...Dum..Dum....Dumm.....Da Dummmm....boom boom boom boom boom boom booom ...

Two weeks ago, I got an Iphone.

And unto this Iphone....

I promptly installed twitter and facebook apps.
Got weather in a touch,
a movie in seconds.
I can plan my schedule, make appts,
take notes, calculate anything,
take credit card payments from clients,
and call my Mom.

...And it was done.

NOW, I can be captivated anywhere I go. I don't know how I lived without it. (I always say that)

I'm cutting it short because it's late and I'm tired.

Truth is, this device has everything a person needs, that they should have without going to the pc for hours and hours, like obsessed people do (who are you talking about?), making this the perfect pocket-sized time saver...Or is it?

In a word, NEATO!


  1. Love the post...I can relate.....ha ha haaaaaaaaaa I'm so addicted and I find it harder and harder to get my butt into the studio to paint. I have lots of little aceo paper and porcelain saying paint me, paint me...........well they don't really talk but maybe if they did I would be as addicted to them as the facebook/twitter/etc........ :)

  2. Hi Rebecca - I love this drawing...very cute. You are so much fun!

    You've also reminded me that I need to quit blogging and get to work!

  3. that's fine, you can get to work, as long as you check in once in a while to compliment me and feed my ego!
    :) *waving thanks!!!*

  4. ok. I will. although, Im too cheap to pay for texting even though I fork out the $30 for the data plan. I should be included...bastards.


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