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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Take a Look at this Mo Faux

I am a decorative painter, for my newer friends who just see my paintings. I actually finished this master bath last year, but the room wasn't decorated when I took the pics. I am back in this client's home to do a few little things and snapped these for your viewing pleasure.

The pics above are a master bath done in Venetian plaster, with a yellow-brown tint. Gahjus!!

Here is their fireplace, which was your standard white before. This treatment is fauxstone, finished in wax and brush polished.

A great look for columns, which they are getting ready to do in the foyer! Can't wait, it's such a stunning look. Wish you could see it in person!


  1. Great look Rebecca. I think that faux work adds so much...we have one room in our house with that type of wall treatment, professionally done like yours. I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a great change to their dwelling space.

  2. Wow back!!

    Thanks Kathleen and Bugeater. Wish you lived close, I could do your houses too!

  3. Hey - I expect something new to read when I drop by.

  4. dang girl!! these are awesome!! :)


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