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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Interpretation of a word...

Well, I suppose it's a good thing that I don't write dictionaries for a living. You see, in August, you will be able to go to Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson Int'l Airport to see a cool and unusual exhibit.

The Canvas Project 2 is a massive visual dictionary of canvases. Thousands of artists received 5 canvases and 5 words to interpret, to add to the 10,000 canvas goal! Each canvas represents one word. Here's my interpretations...

The first word: Sidecar.
When vacationing in Roswell, it's important to blend in. You know, like one of those fanatical Roswell groupies, who happens to be very proficient with custom automotive work!

You can order a custom helmet with deely bobber antennae! Make sure to get a vanity plate, too, for the memory.

The sidecar is just about big enough to double as tent and has airconditioning, microwave and mobile satellite computer and TV. Let the Hulu mania begin.

#2: "Beagle"
My dog Peanut, a mutt, was named in honor of Charles Schultz, one of my favorite childhood inspirations.

When I saw that I had the word Beagle, I knew I would have to pay homage in some way again, but this time, to Snoopy!

This little beagle puppy is in training to be a flying ace, and can barely hold on to his dog house.

I would have made the eyes even bigger, but they are pathetic enough as it is!

Number 3: "Resize"
I guess it's obvious where the resizing has taken place but there could have been a little work done in other places!

Painting cleavage was hard...I had to repaint it numerous times. I didn't want to stand in front of the mirror to paint my own, since I needed to have free hands, and they would have been busy lifting and smooshing something together.

So, I started off to get some inspiration and googled 'cleavage'. UM, that's when I found lots and lots and (lots) of porn. Realizing that finding a still shot of desirable cleavage might be difficult, I hit the back button and, after considerable thought of who had a good line to paint, I googled 'Pam Andersen'.

This cleavage is hers, more or less. So, if you're wondering what a hausfrau costume might look like on Ms. Andersen, this might help..(I know this will be Bill's favorite.)

#4: "Idolize"
Since Michael Jackson died this week, it suddenly occurred to me, "It's good thing I procrastinated with this project long enough to get a subject! I had been wracking my brain trying to think of an interpretation for 2 months, when suddenly, one!

I know in the last 10 years or so, he's been VERY strange, and there was that little thing about being a pedophile.

But before all that, there was the 80's! He was a huge influence on music and he changed the industry and took performing to another level (and temporarily boosted Pepsi sales). He was over the top, but the hair on fire was completely unnecessary, I thought.

Whatever! you might say! But without MJ, the movie "The wedding Singer" just wouldn't be as funny.

Ponder that!

#5: Beatnik...I know, potentially the coolest word to get. Well, I didn't finished this one in time to postmark it today...I will get it done soon. Maybe I'm waiting for inspiration. I hope the project doesn't end up with 9,999 canvases. :)


  1. Hey! it may take awhile... but Yay, I got here. :o)

    If we drive through ATL at a decent time, when we haul some stuff up for our son's 2nd year of college at UK, I would love to see that exhibit and look for your pieces. When in Aug? That is going to be so neat!

    I graduated in NM (years, light years ago). Sidecar: too cute
    Beagle: aw, I see the concern in his eyes!
    Resize: haha LOVE this! (too bad that I can't say as I have that problem!)
    Idoloze: that is instant recognizabley MJ
    Beatnik: can't wait to see!

  2. Hi Rebecca! It is great to see what you are doing now. I wanted to get in touch with you about some help I need with decorating and from the looks of what you are doing now, am not sure if you would be interested or not. I hope you remember us as we do have some of your work hanging in our den and loved the time we spent together. Our email is Hope you will consider working with us if you can. Love, Susan, Barry, Alex and Abby Christensen (Marietta)

  3. Hey Christensens! OMG! How great to hear from you! I can't wait to see you. Thanks for leaving me a note!

    Hey Personalized,
    You are soo sweet! thanks for the comments! I love getting feedback on everything.

  4. Awesome work! Congrats on the cool project :)

  5. those are awesome! That project seems to have been right up your alley. I love your interpretations!

  6. Thanks RM and MissyB. I think that having a theme always brings about some fun ideas. I love participating in monthly theme swaps, too, forcing me to think another way.

  7. These are very cool, Rebecca. I'm so impressed with your imagination and skillful interpretation of these words.

    For beatnik you could paint a book, "On the Road", Jack Keroac ?

  8. Your banner is hilarious!!! I LOVE IT so much~ I haven't (literally) "laughed out loud" in a while... I needed that! Peanut is quite a trooper... you seem like so much fun! :))

    Christina :)

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  10. Bill. Did you see I mentioned you under the cleavage? LOL By, the way, You are in my soul, cuz, including Jack Kerouac is the quintessential choice for Beatnik!

    Icandy, I put up with Peanut, not the other way around!

  11. That Michael Jackson piece is so great! It highlights his best attributes without reminding us that he was never "all there". What a talent though!

  12. Thanks B AN Original for the comments!
    Yea, where he impacted us so profoundly wasn't in his 'not all there moments', so I don't need to remember them.

  13. I promise Bill you will not be disappointed in the next post. Look for it Sunday!

  14. Becca - it is Sunday night! I'm looking. Could you just email me a photo?

  15. ROFL at Bill. Straight to the point.

    OKAY Rebecca consider yourself BLOGGED baby.

    You talked so much, it took up a full page.

  16. HAHA..some of those questions were meant for you, Christy! I'm still waiting for your answers!

  17. Great work, as always. I LOVE the Snoopy reference and I don't know why I didn't get it until I read about it. Duh. You found porn on the internet? That can't be!

  18. HAHAHA! Well, the porn was for research!


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