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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Talent in the family

Here is a piece by another of the great artists I met on Saturday, Susie Burch!

She work in various media and has numerous pieces on glass windows in her portfolio as well as many amazing oils like this one! Susie told me her husband works in clay and likes to make pottery. I can't wait to see his work! Sounds like a lot of playtime at their house!

At our home, we are always playing, too! The amount of art supplies here is impressive. We really could run a small school out of our home, if only we had enough room for one! Right now, I really only have room for one-on-one sessions in my studio, maybe one-on-two. I will just keep imaging that perfect studio...ahhh!!

And now for something completely different...

A bit of time this coming week will be spent helping the Etsy shop of some new girlfriends I met about a month ago. A group of talented young women who are thinking way beyond what many of us perceive to be disabilities (such as down syndrome). They are painters, jewelry designers, crafters and more! What's even more important is that these remarkable ladies, guided by their incredible Mom Natalie, contribute to the community in numerous and generous ways. I'll be helping them post really great pictures and a pretty new banner! To purchase an item made by one of the girls, visit their Etsy shop: Its My Life - From Disability to Independence!

For more on Susie Burch, visit her website and drool!


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  1. Very cool! And thanks for sharing the link for Susie Burch. I am drooling after looking at her work and you can imagine the windows are my favorites. :)


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