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Saturday, March 6, 2010

#6 Rorschach Inkblot Rhino; 31 days of rhinos

#6 Rorschash Inkblot Rhino; 31 days of rhinos
watercolor and india ink on paper

Here's the thing. I am sick. My body decided to come down with a cold this afternoon, just after I sat through Shutter Island, which is worth seeing if only for Leo Dicaprio. I've been getting a late start on these this week, and have posted most by 8:30, but last night and tonite have been a challenge, and I'm fading fast. I also have a time limit for these. Less than one hour. This ink blot took about 5 min. Once dry, I inked in a decidedly crazy manner as my head is quite fuzzy, and finished in less than 10 minutes. It shows. But, this exercise is not about perfection. It's about posting a rhino a day. and maybe a few good ones, eh?

The cool thing is that the ink blot was a ridiculously perfect skull..."OMG, how awesome", I said...but, then, I whizzed all over it!!! To be fair, this wouldn't qualify in my own book as inkblot art, because of the whizzing. I would prefer unadorned inkblots, myself. I didn't have enough time to do another inkblot, so it is as it is. Eh, who cares, I did it my way. Then, I decided that, to imagine the skull as you are observing the skin is maybe a neat and creepy thing. So, there you have it!

Rorschach was a German psychiatrist. He used ink blots to make crazy people believe they were nuts. Personally I think it's nuts. I always see creepy stuff in them. I guess it's the level of imagination you admit to the doctor. "It's a skull!" or "It's the maggot infested gnawed skull of a sun-blistered cow after I shot it and watched it decay for a week!" It's all in the delivery.

Artists, like Andy Warhol made inkblot art classic! And thanks for that, Mr. Rorschach, whether or not it was your fault! (It was.) I love the use of ink blots in art. There are just so many creative things you can do! Left alone or adorned, it is a swell abstract beginning (and a way to literally tell your doctor what you are thinking!) I will do another later..and merely suggest around the piece, but not tonite, as I give up for the sake of rest.

My doctor has a sign in his office: You have a cold? How long will it take to get better? With antibiotics, 7 days. Without, about a week.

Abstract art is a beautiful because it doesn't matter how you interpret your work as you lay it on the page, you own it. Beautiful! So, own something. Don't be afraid to make some lousy art! Don't be afraid, because some of it really will be crap. Magnificence will come because you allowed the rest to get out in practice!

That is what we are here for; practice. Life is an exercise in repetition.

See you tomorrow, hopefully with a clearer and less philosophical head.

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  1. Hope you get feeling better soon. the Rhino is cool and I am enjoying learning about all the techniques and artist that you are sharing with us here.

  2. Thanks, Marlene. You are such a doll! I appreciate that you are reading these! It is fun to try new techniques. I feel so "brave" to only do one and post it! I'm crazy!

    How is the weather in Estacada? I grew up in Oregon and Washington, you know..Eugene and aloha

  3. i LOVE this one.
    seriously it's my favourite so far.

    and Becca, this is something for me to ponder: "It's the maggot infested gnawed skull of a sun-blistered cow after I shot it and watched it decay for a week!"



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