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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Bye bye 2011!

2012 is upon us! 

Every year, it's the same; we welcome the new year by having a toast at midnight, followed by some brief pondering of the future and our resolutions, most wont ever be realized.

Well, I've been thinking a lot lately about stale habits, and how, in order to make change, you have to dare to do things differently.

Tonight, we bucked the system.  We lived on the edge.  We dared to be different.....

We opened the champagne an hour early!  

The toast?
"To seeing things differently."

Wayne Dyer dared to say, "You will see it WHEN you believe it."

OoOo, can't wait!

I believe!

Happy New Year,

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  1. Hum. Ponder Ponder...

    Different you say? I would retort a resounding "Absolutely!", but add this as a thought to ponder.

    Are we really the same? Is this a recount of days gone by? I say "no". I am different this year as I was differrent the year before. Older... wiser... perhaps even better, but the same I am not.

    The farther I regress in contemplation, the more profound that differences. I say to you this - reflect back further than one year. Remember a time when you lived somewhere else... a time when you loved someone else... a time when someone else loved you.

    I know this truth - time has a nasty habit of creating differences and seeing them if far clearer when time is extended outwards.

    - Bryon - Different as always


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