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Monday, November 11, 2013

Penny Fest Bidding Frenzy Good Will Gesture!

Our little eBay group that creates and sell tiny little works of art called ACEO (Art cards, Editions and Originals) has thought up a fun way for the general audience to begin collecting.  Every so often, place a bunch of Aceos up for auction, beginning at a penny $.01!

I took some time to paint this little piece today so that I could offer it up for auction tomorrow in a 5 day auction, ending on the 17th.  

I'm going to donate the proceeds from this tiny painting to help someone in some way. Perhaps it will purchase a bag of food (or more) at the grocery store for the food bank, or it might make enough to buy a gift for the Toys For Tots program! 

Visit the auction, click here!

It might also help someone you hadn't thought would need help.  An artist!  Someone who creates and is destined to create, through no choice of their own.  It's just something we artist types have to do!  I have this girl in mind, the 9 year old daughter of someone who works at the grocery store, who I know is a budding artist, but the Mom is single and on a limited income.  It would be great if this painting could earn enough to buy her some modest supplies for her to create!  Fuel the passion!

Have a nice day, Rebecca


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