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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Pesky Floaters

Blue Floater
Some thing got in my eye. I had a cleaver in one hand and I was holding down an onion with the other. It wasn't the best timing. Just as I thought I could live with whatever was swimming around on my eyeball until the onion was chopped, some of my bangs descended and began itching my eyebrow, not above the eye plagued with debris, which was already winking, but the other. I then found myself spontaneously winking both eyes while blowing and directing the air with my bottom lip in the direction of my wile hair.  It was only then I realized that I had my reading glasses on and they had fallen so far down on my nose that I looked like a old man behind the counter at the research library.  I was pinching my air supply with the glasses and wondered why I was getting a bit of a headache. Of course, now, I have a full blown headache and I can't breathe. I began to cry. Not from the dark humor in this experience, but because that was simply the most reactive onion I had ever sliced into. Thinking that the act of crying would fix the floater issue, I then reached up with my forearm to push my glasses back in place further up on my nose and caught the edge of the glasses on the chiffon blouse I wore to work and hadn't yet changed since I arrived home. I tried to pull my arm away but my hair also became stuck in my glasses. So, there I stood in the kitchen, winking both eyes in a very undignified alternating pattern, like I was trying to make a moving picture out of a still drawing, stuck to my glasses from both sides, my hair and my blouse, and threatening to make a chop salad of myself with the knife wielding hand. This all happened in seconds, which explains why the knife was still in my hand (I think.) At that very moment my husband walked in, smiled, took the knife and asked if I wanted to order takeout. I nodded. yes.

(I repainted the background of this earlier posted painting because it just needed to be brighter.)
Have a nice day, Rebecca

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