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Sunday, April 20, 2008

A decorator's dream!!

Goat-Cheese!!! (Translation: Gorgeous)

I have a wonderful client-couple up the road a piece. I just finished 2 rooms in their new home, under construction, but almost move-in ready!

This is one of several homes they've built, so they really have a good sense of what they want in a home! They want to come home each day to a place which gives them the feeling of being in some of the old homes and buildings of Europe. There's something so comfortable about the Italian countryside, for example, with it's beautiful sunset colors of yellow, orange, and deep woody browns...and also, you know, well used by generations!!!

Well, We're both very happy with the results.

The example above is of Venetian Plaster in a guest Bathroom. The client was asking for a more raw, stone like appearance than the typical smooth as silk of Venetian Plaster. It looks raw and stone like, but it's still smooth as a baby's b*#@!

Also, a master bedroom in a terrific base of yellow aged to a more subtle ochre. Gorgeous!!

This home is a reflection of our desire to reach back to the past and to take comfort in the feeling of living in history, instead of looking shiny and brand new!

They are not alone, and Tuscany certainly isn't the only influence in current home styles. There is also a resurgence in a variety of building styles that co-existed in the United States from the 1800's to the 1930's and beyond. Victorian, Federal, Queen Anne and finally, Arts and Crafts style, which was a pivotal architectural period in U.S. history, highlighting such icons as Frank Lloyd Wright in the early 20th century, are what builders are focusing as "current" trends. They realize that we want color and character in our living spaces, and finally, they're making some waves in construction.

I must say, what a beautiful project to be a part of, and a lovely couple to work for!!! Thanks, S and K!!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Beautiful design... especially the use of venetian plaster... more power to your work... and more wonderful client like S and K to come :)


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