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Saturday, December 6, 2008


Flattop Jones closeup...almost finished.
"The Rogue - Tribute to Chester Gould's Dick Tracy"

Chester Gould, author of possibly the greatest comic detective series of all time, is payed tribute here in my piece for the ASIFA comic book show "Tribute To The Golden Age Of Comics", on display at the Eyedrum Gallery in Atlanta until January 10th.

Dick Tracy was always in pursuit of a bad guy, but Flattop Jones was by far the most popular for fans and Gould himself. Flattop was hired to Kill Tracy, but after abducting him, became greedy and decided to extort his employers for more money, which gave Tracy the break needed to survive and eventually Jones was caught and went to prison. When he escaped, he became a member of Tracy's Rogues' Gallery, until he drowned while being pursued by the the famous detective. Flattop was mourned by the public as no enemy has ever been!

I hope my portrayal of the chase of Dick Tracy's ultimate Rogue, Flattop Jones, is worthy of Chester's approval. Gould apparently liked Flattop so much that he had a hard time killing off the character as he did his other criminals; so much so that numerous relatives of Flattop emerged just to keep the legacy going!

Title: The Rogue (Tribute to Chester Gould's Dick Tracy)
Media: Mixed media on wood; Wanted poster is acrylic on canvas.
Size: 2' x 4'

I hope you like it!


  1. Well, Rebecca, I would like it (actually I do like it), but it would be better, in my opinion, if when painting someone with the name Jones, you made him tall and quite handsome. Of course this is an artistic decision.

  2. I bet you would!! What about Mrs. Jones?

  3. Rebecca - let's leave her out of this. Say he is a handsome fellow. And he has spots all over him like me.

    You are looking pretty cute yourself. Is that really you?

  4. Bill, yes that is me in the pic...I really hate the picture, but it's the only one I have!! go here to see some professional stuff and a groovy photo:

  5. Went there - what a beautiful face you have!

    The room could use a little plaster work.

  6. he he. Well, at least you didn't say my face needed some plaster! I enjoy doing plaster, it's quite fun!


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