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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Should we take a look back on 2008, or just kill it?

Many have said that it wasn't a very good year.
I don't know.


Let's see, the Government still took our money.
The Gov't decided to borrow more money to give to big business. 60 million of that bailout money or more has already been paid as bonuses to the people who screwed up.. Is that what we call a merit increase?
A whole bunch of people (not mathematically accurate) lost their homes.
A whole bunch of people (not mathematically accurate) lost their jobs.
A whole bunch of people (a lot) died fighting for something because of orders.
Some country ravaged by civil war (and lacking oil) didn't have anyone to fight for them.
Many places decimated by storms have people who are still suffering.
Many people still haven't recovered from storms of years past, but they aren't current news, so nobody cares.
People in your home town still need help.
Children in your home town need to be adopted, but they're too old to be wanted. Wishful parents keep getting them from Eastern Europe and Asia instead.
Yet another man I know got screwed by the system that only seems to protect women; especially women who lie.

Paul Newman died.

So, besides Paul Newman dying, what else is new?

Last year will be soo 'last year' tomorrow!

Bring on the new year for crying out loud!!

Tonite, I and many of my fellow Atlantans will officially kill 2008 till it's dead!
It will be fun!
It will be happy!
I'll wake up tomorrow to a brand
spankin' new day and the best year that anyone anywhere will ever have!

A wonderful day in fact, that always begins with lunch at one of our favorite taverns. This year,
Manuel's; sunglasses optional.

Know that one day at a time is always the best approach! Do what you can to help out and don't forget to kiss your children (or pets) everyday and tell your friends how awesome they are.

Live in the moment. Here's to now!
Happy New Year everyone!


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