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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Yea, yea, yea. I heard it all before!

In studio all week. Painting in Progress...

For quite some time, 2 years, actually, I have been kept away from any sense of normalcy when it comes to a workday in my studio. My desire to learn more about this internet/blogging/social networking/online selling world of ours has made, well, an addict outta me. It was innocent at first. I thought, "well, I'll just learn this stuff real quick like so I can do my own marketing!" Did I mention that was 2 years ago?

Monday, I decided to alter this freakish course of action because the perceived outcome wasn't lookin' good for my art career. I have no inventory!

So, I intervened on my own behalf, and legislated a self-imposed computer ban in my studio. I had to add (to myself) that I also have to BE in my studio (or it wont work). he he

Today was day two and I have made a lot of progress. I even wrote in my journal 3 mornings in a row! I know, unbelievable.

I told Eric I needed a little push toward that manifest destiny thing. I work on it constantly by saying aloud all the weaknesses I'm dealing with so that he can regurgitate them back to me at strategic moments. It's my own way of holding myself accountable.

I asked him for help and he gave it to me!

He said, "Ok, well, first of all, no computer during the day. You can get online at night while you're hanging on the couch with me! Pretend your boss is there and you can't surf!

The other thing: Stop making lists and plans. Just paint. You need to just paint without worrying about all that other stuff for a while.

You are doing what they do in the corporate world...lists and schedules and planning, it's like Dilbert, for crying out loud! Nothing gets done this way at the office either! That's why they wrote a cartoon about it. Just allow yourself to let loose and be creative. Let yourself see some progress that makes you feel good. This is your goal, after all. You are having anxiety about it, but once you start to see progress, this will pass."

I was listening this time.

Well, the reward the past 2 days has been real progress on a painting and a nice feeling of satisfaction after focusing for a change on what I really want to do.
He is really smart.



  1. Okay, I marked this as disturbing only because I was itching to tick the box.

    I agree that lists are detrimental to one's creativity.
    Actually, anything that remotely resembles office life is hazardous to one's artistic soul.

    Which is why I live in a mess, work in a mess, and generally function best in my underwear.


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