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Monday, November 8, 2010

The Case of the Runaway JackaBee

Leopold "Butters" Scotch

This is the sweet young male Beagle Terrier Mix that has been roaming between owners in the Acworth area in the past few months. He is currently at my neighbor's house.

He's seems like a pretty smart, sweet little guy and he took a bath well. He likes to be on the leash and doesn't pull. He eats like eating is a luxury, a possible symptom of his chronic running away. Maybe he is trying to get back to his original owners, although I have searched every lost and found pet database in Georgia, and there doesn't seem to be an owner looking for him.

He is not neutered. His teeth are clean and his ears are pink, but a little dirty. The vet says he is healthy and is around a year old.

If you can, please post this on your blog today and someone, somewhere in the country may decide to adopt little Buddy.

Buddy after his bath and blow dry!

If you wish to give Buddy a better change of getting adopted, you can donate any denomination to help pay for his shots and to have him neutered. Dogs who come with no extra financial burden get adopted quicker! Thanks!

Tuesday, November 9th!
Leopold "Butters" Scotch has been placed in foster care and will be receiving shots and getting neutered tomorrow. Thank you to the wonderful Paige at Mostly Mutts shelter in Kennesaw, GA for taking in Butters and having an endless supply of love!

To donate to Mostly Mutts continuing care of neglected, dumped, abused and lost animals visit

Thanks everyone!


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