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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Nanowrimo or try try again!

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November is National Novel Writing Month. Really, it's worldwide novel writing month, or every other country's national novel writing month as well, however you want to look at it!

The goal: Write 50,000 words in a month, about 175 pages, give or take a few. My Storyist demo software says I'm on page 92. (Omigod, 92 pages! I totally rock!) That's almost better than selling a painting! Ok, it IS better than selling a painting, because it's the first time I've ever done this!

Half way day is tomorrow. I'm at around 20,000 so far. I honestly wondered if I would even get this far. I know I have a novel in me, but I didn't think I could get so much out in so little time. Each time to go to write, it just flows, and flows. Plus, I still like my story after 14 days.

I honestly thought my first writing experience would be a screenplay, and if you're into that, the same people who bring this fun contest also bring "Scriptfrenzy" in the early Spring. I have had oodles of movie ideas in my head forever so I'll be working on this one next year.

I have found this experience to be very liberating. The Nanowrimo people even come right out say that some of what you will write will suck. You aren't going to create a masterpiece with this effort, and you aren't going to publish on your first round anyway, so let it out and get it down, that's all that matters here. Why? Because some of what you will write will be brilliant! You don't have to share it with anyone. I wont even let my MF (Man Friend) read it, because I don't want any tiny iota of potential negativity to dash all my hopes and have me leave my novel career before it begins, which could happen with an eyebrow twitch. (ok, but probably not, because I am stubborn and believe I can actually do this. he he. rookie.)

So, with regard to writing the remaining 30,000 words, I have confidence I'll get through this, although tomorrow will only be week 3 and there is still so much to write and still a lot of time to get sidetracked and procrastinate. However, the Nanowrimo folks have thought of that too, with their daily blogging of motivation and the amusing "Procrastination Station" where, if you are short on words, you may find scene suggestions to add a thousand or two extra words to your story and maybe spark your story back into a flame. Daily I say my mantra: "Oh Lord, let my words flow, and help me from having to use the 'Shovel of death' scene to get an extra thousand words! (courtesy of the procrastination station).

For more information on Nanowrimo, visit

For the rest of the month, each post will mention my current word count. The daily quota to get there is 1667 words. I chose not to write this weekend so I could work on a few other important things that actually help me get paid. The rest of month will be some early morning and some late nights, but I am driven to succeed on writing my very first novel. I have always wanted to do it, so let's see where this gig takes me!

I will remember that great quote, "Write Rebecca, write like the wind!" (or something like that)


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