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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Not Quite Wordless Wednesday

To the stupid red neck white trash arrogant overly manicured lazy ass grandmother waiting for her (probably equally stupid daughter) in the car at the Staples parking lot in Cartersville, GA on Monday:  This is what your granddaughter is doing every time you light up in your car with your window merely cracked.  Stop f*cking smoking around children you stupid f*cking bitch!

And to anyone reading this who smokes around your children: STOP IT NOW!  Jeesus, are you that f*cking selfish that you are willing to permanently harm your babies instead of just getting out of the car to smoke?

Why isn't this illegal?


  1. They have a law here for exactly that. You cannot smoke in your car with children present (I can't remember the age restriction)

  2. Yet another reason why I like Canada, Leola! Thanks for your comment!


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