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Friday, February 13, 2015

Blog responsibly...

I'm off to a wretched start this year. It's the middle of February, for crying out loud! Where does that phrase come from, "for crying out loud?"  I mean, did someone once say, "Heck, why do we all cry so loud? What ever comes from cryin' out loud?  Sheesh, just keep it to yourself, will ya? oh, and quit making excuses."

Lots to do. This year, I'm planning to show at three wonderful galleries in the Atlanta area!

First off, the Marietta Square Artist's Attic will have my original art and prints and maybe even a little performance in the wine room with my husband, Eric (we'll see, no guarantees!)  The Raiford Gallery in Roswell will offer my unique hand painted pet ornaments and custom portraits. Then, later on in the year as the holidays get closer, I will also have an assortment of very special ornaments at DK Gallery in Marietta.

In the show and festival arena, plans are still being made, but the first upcoming is Acworth Art Fest, April 11th and 12th.  Also beginning in April, this year marks my fourth at the Marietta Square Artist's Market, a twice monthly Saturday street market on Mill St. in the Square. You can see me there on the 2nd and 4th saturdays of every month (except April 11th.)  Check my Facebook page to make sure I'll be there if you are planning a visit!

I also have finally begun work with my very talented Mom, Carolyn, on the shared new venture, Zenyotta, a homey hand made approach to home decor items, all made here in Acworth, GA., from our own designs, including hand printed fabrics and recycled and refurbished items.  Small boutiques will carry our unique pillows, throws and handbags, and we will also have a storefront at the Woodstock Market beginning March 1st.

Lots to do! See you somewhere, very soon!

Have a nice day,

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