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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Memories of the Coast

Memories of the coast I

I miss home, the good old coastal views of the Pacific Northwest. The tide pools - Hermit crabs, sea anemones. The serene and often very rugged and dangerous beauty.  When you're a water baby, you love all bodies of water.  I don't take them for granted, I take lots of trips to walk my dogs at the local lake near my home here in Historic Acworth in northern Georgia.  Sometimes, I go there just to breathe in the view, feeling so lucky to have it just a few blocks from my home.  I am quite fond of the Carolina and Georgia coastlines, too!

I think wherever your heart lies, if you are soothed by a water view, you will enjoy this piece. 

Have a nice day,

Ps. Since I posted this thread this afternoon, my husband came home and found that I had painted out a very minute ray of light and it was the thing that made him happy, so I spent the evening repainting the entire sky to have a sun rising on the horizon, just for him.  This painting could have been from either coast before, but a white sun rising on the ocean only happens on the east coast, so you imagine where you are now.  I see the grassy waters of South Carolina. You?


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