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Monday, March 30, 2015

I'm Baroque, but I'm happy!

It's been a while since the last Ethereal Flower left my studio and many have asked when they will bloom again.  Well, they're back! For 2015, you can expect a long running season of Ethereal Flowers of all sizes! (yay!) The first to awaken: A petite floating blue stringy sunflower!

I've been working like a mad girl preparing for my second year at the Acworth ArtFest, coming up on April 11th and 12th in Historic Acworth on Main St.  Here, you will find over 100 fine art and craft vendors.  I will be near the beginning of the festival in booth 8 (third booth from the beginning, across from the stage!)  My flowers will be hanging out with me, so stop by and say hello!  After the Acworth Artfest, you can expect to see me at the Saturday market in Marietta Square (2nd and 4th Saturdays of each month) and of course, you can always find me and my work at the Marietta Square Artist's Attic; A Local Gallery.

6x6; Acrylic on wood panel

Speaking of blooming, it's always a good time to talk about music, since it helps me paint and be happy!  This morning's mix is a bit of Baroque! I love it. Who doesn't? Not a fan of Classical music? Trust me, you love Baroque music! You DO!-- you just don't know you do! Hey, without Baroque, we would not have the chord progression of 90% of today's modern songs! (maybe more than 90%)

...Here, I'll prove it, listen to these quick, funny and enlightening musical comedy sketches!

and, here's another super funny medley...Axis of Awesome!


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