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Friday, February 1, 2008

Friday is a good day

I woke up at 4:00 this morning and tried to lie still for 45 minutes, and finally just submitted to start the day. I found myself doing the same routine this morning as I do when I lie down at night...Reviewing the day before and thinking of what I would do differently, and lqtm at the things that just could not be helped.

Reviewing a day can have profound effects on my psyche, making me angry, or pensive, or really satisfied, but it does really help me, because I decide what I would do differently and visualize it going my way so that (I believe) it will the next time. When I wake up, though, I find that seeing my day in advance and how everything will pass and be exactly how I want it to be is probably even more important and impactful.

It has been a great week for productivity.
I've been incessantly visualizing my pieces and sketching and planning layouts, and planning in my head! I've been working on 5 pieces this week. I should have things ready to post early next week or possibly Sunday. Delight in the small successes.

Speaking of reviewing, I did something I knew intuitively I should not:

I had a ridiculous interview for a Visual Coordinator position, by a young woman who had no idea what she was doing. Needless to say, she didn't hire me. I knew off the bat that I was overqualified for the position, but also, she was so very young. The candidate would be reporting to her, and I am 20 years her senior and a lot more experienced. I intimidated her even as I attempted flattery. I didn't really want to go to work for someone else anyway...unless (there is always an exception) or until that perfect opportunity comes around.

Well, you should learn something every day, even if it's reviewing lessons!! First of all, go with your gut. I knew this was wrong even before I scheduled it! I also learned that my years of management training have made me a very good judge of character and, frankly, a pretty decent interviewer! I learned that in my last position I had exemplary trainers and managers who only accept excellence and strive for it everyday (Thanks, Mike!) So, the other lesson for the day was observing - that a company needs to be careful with whom they put into positions of responsibility.

So, as you go about your business, try these few things:

1) Visualize things going your way, being on time, getting what you want.
2) Observe others and pay attention to their behavior and use that to grow yourself.
3) You have a lot of power. Use it wisely.

Back on the creative subject, I want to know how you are selling out there!
Please take the poll on selling art online!
Thanks and have a great weekend!

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