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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Valentine

To My Valentine,

"Live Your Best Life"

From the Playful Trees Series: "Throwing Hearts"

Take care of your heart; somewhat.
I sometimes want to tell you that if you throw it around, you should make sure it will not be abused...

...But, life is about taking chances. And never risking anything will insure you have no rewards, or memories of the joy that comes with being in love.

I took the following from a magazine a few years ago:

"When you die God and the angels will hold you accountable for all the pleasures you were allowed in life that you denied yourself" - anonymous

Happy Valentine's Day!
Approach love, art and cooking with reckless abandon.



  1. What a lovely way to approach life.
    Most of us go through life regretting not taking that leap

  2. Well, the thing is, you don't actually reflect on lessons when you're young, you're too busy receiving them. Instead, over your lifetime, you become your lessons, and as your sense of self grows stronger with age, you become aware of them in retrospect, already knowing. It seems a shame, doesn't it, that we can't rescue people from the mistakes they will make, because we can clearly see and predict them. Why did we come this far and receive such a gift of wisdom if we can't help them now? I guess in this school, each person must take the courses herself and can't absorb vicariously our experience...bummer.

    I can only imagine where I would be if I had listened to my Mother's wisdom! Holy cow, I'd be famous!! or Condy Rice. Why didn't I listen!! Thanks anyway, Mom. I got it now!

  3. I love the poetry you gave me today. It's a great way to look at love and life and keep yourself in check. I think I'd like a garden now.
    Happy Love Day, Love.


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