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Monday, March 3, 2008

March - Spring Into Action

In Atlanta, Spring fever starts hitting the first couple of nice days in March, which happened to be the first couple days in March! And, a couple of things always come to mind for me while I'm waiting for Spring!

Well, it was a warm weekend, and whenever the sun pokes out, I just wanna sing!

So, if you sing or play an instrument, pull it out of the closet or off the wall in our case...dust it off and practice a little. Hey, this picture is almost exactly 2 years old, so I know what dust looks like. Time for a new photograph!

It really feels good to sing your heart out! Or play your heart out. Just 10 or 20 minutes and your creative spirit is rejuvenated.

The other thing that comes to mind is running the Peachtree. If you're not in Atlanta, that's the largest 10K in the country and it takes place on July 4th. It's always a good goal to run the Peachtree, because even if you don't (I missed it last year because my knee was killing me or I was lazy), you at least train for it a little bit!

I used to run quite a bit in the past. I would hit every run 5k-15k I could, because I loved getting the tshirts, but I also love the exhilaration of running with a pack. I know, I could use therapy! But, I'm a little out of shape, so, this year, since I'm re-ramping up, I've started the "Couch to 5K" program from . From there, I'll train up to the Peachtree. :) The first 5k is April 19th in Atlanta. The second is May 30th. Then the Peachtree is July 4th.

Having a goal keeps me on track and motivated and for all you artists out there, you probably know what a challenge staying on track can be. So, I'm setting some art goals for myself for the month of March.

Week one:
Finish one and two in origami mixed media series.
Choose at least one national or local art event to submit to for April or May deadline.
Finish first piece in playful trees water color series.
Complete second in greeting card series of flowers.
Schedule an open mic night or day to play and go do it!! Go get your creative out!

Week Two:
Send my patron-brother his piece (He bought me Illustrator, what can I say!!!) Gotta love him!
Complete #3 in origami mixed series.
Finish second piece in playful trees water color series.

Week Three:
Complete #4 and #5 in origami mixed series.
Finish third piece in playful trees water color series.

Week Four:
Complete #6 in origami mixed series.
Begin new series.

Week Five:
Completed #7 - 10 in origami mixed series.

Ok, so there's my goals.
Go make your own!!!

I'd also like to say a little something for my super fab Mom who had foot surgery recently and is waiting for what seems like an eternity for the damn cast to come off. Hope it comes off soon so you can run like the wind again, Mommy!! MISS YOU!! XO

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