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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Poultry in the city

Today I went downtown with my friend, Elsie, to shop for fabric for the Spring purse line that Carolyn and I are designing.

As I pulled into a parking spot, I spied right in front of us the most incredible rooster I have ever seen in my life! I was not raised on a farm, so this would not take an incredible feat, I suppose, BUT you had to be there!! Maybe he was so striking because he was standing on blacktop, or because I didn't expect to see him in downtown ATLANTA, I don't know.

I stopped the car in it's tracks (probably blocking at least one car behind me temporarily) while, in utter amazement, I fiddled around for my camera to capture this unlikely specimen of beauty for posterity!

He looked as though he had just exited the nearest salon...He was magnificently coiffed! His coat was an artist's palette of colors resembling a fiery sunset over a wheat field with a storm front coming off in the distance! (Wow, the imagery!) I desperately wanted to touch his plumes, imagining them to be as soft as silk.

Well, after we babbled, chattered, giggled and snapped the camera in hysterics, I Eventually parked to the dismay of the guy who most recently showed up thinking I was leaving, and Elsie and I finally got out of the car.

As we headed toward the fabric store entrance, we found were not lonely observers. Indeed, another man was also gawking, completely compelled by the handsome parking lot monitor!

There we three stood, watching momentarily before moving along. In the final moment, as we looked back up at each other, a terrific smile appeared on our opposing faces; one of complete satiety.

All this in poultry!

Funny, this is not the first time I've experienced birds out of their element. The street where my parents live, where I lived during high school and a few misc. returns thereafter, also lived a peacock who strutted up and down the street on no particular schedule. Each time I saw him I just had to stare for a while, even though I was accustomed to him, because it's just not normal to have a peacock living on your street!! I never tired of looking at that amazing bird! I'm so glad I recalled that cool memory tonite!

You never know where you will find beauty, and the memories especially, serve as beautiful gifts, too, when they unexpectedly come to mind!

Remember, although this rooster may be a resident, some things just will never happen again, so appreciate every small wonder you encounter, and feed it, even, if you get a chance!



  1. Hmmmm….narratives about free-range chickens? Somebody has too much time on her hands! (g) I recommend you use some of that time to make a dish of coq au vin.

    A Seattle Fan

  2. I love the random rooster in ATL!


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