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Sunday, March 9, 2008

New Fascinations Of The Easily Amused!

I have to warn you, there are a lot of tla's and fla's in this blog (three and four letter acronyms). lqtm.

So, I have this crazy new "little" obsession. Very little. It's ACEOs (art cards, editions and originals.) Originally known as ATCs, (art trading cards) these were very small works of art traded between artists only. A fond regard, if you will.

Just how small are they? 2.5" x 3.5" ! Just a tad bigger than a business card. In fact, it is likely that the painting you are viewing in this column is close to actual size, depending on your monitor!

Somewhere along the way, they became a public phenom, and there are literally thousands upon thousands of folks who collect them!

Well, obviously, I'm hooked on creating them. I usually do a small drawing or a simple paint rendering of all my work anyway, so I started doing this size specifically, so I can offer them as I would a large canvas! I also started doing them to get the ideas flowing!

Now, if you're an artist, beware, as it's an easy addiction. Carrying blanks around in your purse, or your man purse, European carryall or (whatever metro sexual term you want to use), waiting for the free moment to doodle could be a description of you in the near future!

If you're not an artist, you're just the person I'm looking for!! Rofl! (ok, now i'm just being silly)
You can find aceos on Etsy , Ebay, or the ACEO Website,

Also worth noting in a slightly larger way is the daily painters movement, a world-wide art movement of a very serious nature! A lot of the painters who are active in this movement are doing pieces measuring 4" x 6", also known as OSWOA (original small works of art). This is how they are able to produce a painting every day, and they're all priced under $300!

For me, these art movements are great news for the artist. We struggle. This is our true profession, but we most often have to have other jobs to survive. What other career requires you to have another career?

The important thing is that anyone can own art! Because of these smaller art forms, you can buy an original work of art or print edition for as low as $5.00! Art collecting will never be reserved for the wealthy again!

The best part is that when you buy a smaller piece, it's a little taste. You get to know an artist in a non-committal way, if you will. These smaller purchases create fans who buy the larger pieces that will, indeed, support us!!

So, do your part; create or buy art!

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