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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My City

Finally; a new painting!
Bill will be sad to see his ode pushed down the line..

I am working on two shows right now: The first is for ASIFA, "Tribute to the Golden Age of Comics" (visit for info). This piece is for the second show, which will be with my friend Kat Hagan, and some others, and it will likely be relating to the Earth and recycling, we're not quite sure yet. I'm really excited about this show not just for myself, but also because Eric is going to join in with some sculptures he's working on! What a great time in our lives for self-expression and exploration!! Our house feels like Kindergarten all the time!

"...using recycled paper and other media, I wanted to create a piece which shows the simultaneous love affair with the city versus the degradation and lack of appreciation for the Earth and the lessons that have come before us."

This will be a fun collection. The show may not be until February or March, so I have to wait to sell them. Bummer!

This next piece was created by my Mom and me while she was visiting last week. Doesn't she rock! I absolutely love it. I had prepared these canvases at the same time, so they look like they belong together! She did the collage work, though, I just aided with the background. Great Job, MOM! I wish this one was mine, too!


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  1. This is a pretty cool piece. Wonderful to enjoy the process with your mother.


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