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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The newest things are the oldest things

Oh my god Disco is back!
Swing dancing is in!
Finally, a masquerade I can enjoy. u..uhh

R: Let's talk business!
What 3 things do you need to do to insure a loyal following and success?

C: Ooh, I know!
We'll give perks! Every customer gets a note pad!
R: naaaaa
C: Wait, We'll mail everything in hot pink baggies that are reusable!
C: Thumbs done free if you buy the other 8 fingers!
C: We'll acknowledge each customer by ringing the bell & shouting Riva!!
R: yea, no!
C: 10% off coupons for life!
R: mmm..
C; Ok, then, A punch card!! Buy 9 items, the 10th is free!!
R: SAME as Above!!

C: OK, I GIVE !! What is it that is so new and so fantastic? What important innovation do you employ that would put me out of business if I didn't?????!!!!

R: I always deliver the very best product I can, following up to make sure my customer is happy, and making myself available to talk personally to them if they need me!

C: WOW! That's genius-something I really can sink my teeth into!
R: Have a nice day!


  1. Is that a pizza and 2 donuts? That will bring people back.

  2. Rebecca, that is a pizza and two powdered donuts. You must be a disaster in the kitchen.

  3. really, it's breakfast...Sunday morning special, omelette du fromage and two mini bagels with cream cheese.. the kitchen is a disaster most nights!


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