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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Flying and the art of doggy snoring

"Poppy's Adventure" Watercolor on Ampersand Aquaboard

Carmen wanted to remember her special friend, Poppyseed, so she asked me paint a portrait and imagine the scene...

Tiny fake excerpt:
"Poppyseed was an adventurer, a mountaineer, to be certain. Where ever Carmen went, Poppyseed was in tow (and hand!) Carmen would climb with Poppyseed, including the most challenging hikes, where Poppy would have the delight of getting lifted to the next shelf to patiently await the arrival of her buddy who would sweep her up and repeat the exercise until they reached their summit. After the workout, they would relish in the view and little refreshing snack before heading back down on the trail.

Together, Carmen and Poppyseed saw many mountaintops, and went on many adventures, and created a treasure box of memories for Carmen to cherish. Theirs was the truest and purest friendship with unwavering loyalty and affection.

Poppyseed is now on her own spirited journey; more than a worldly trip, as she now has limitless flight in her colorful balloon. Just maybe, if you look very carefully in the sky, in just the right place, as the suns' rays shimmer on the snowy mountain tops, you may see Poppyseed and her balloon, happily surveying all that is beautiful and magical."

My own dogs lay at my side in my studio, insistent on staying near me, even at the expense of their own comfort. Peanut is older, though, and will usually go upstairs and lie in her own bed after a while, where it's warm and cozy. But Haley is the real trooper. She is always there with me. And, regardless of the time of day, her sweet curled up little body, happily snoring away, with the dedicated valor of a soldier in the trenches, makes me feel important somehow, and always makes me smile.

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