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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

"It's a Sweater!!" Actually, it's a canon.

Ok, the guessing game ended on January 31st. I would like to announce a winner and post the full picture of the item, but I am lame. I am a little lame. I sent my Mac in for service last week, and put all my files on backup storage. Well, wouldn't you know it, but Steve Jobs made sure I wouldn't be able to access my files on anything other than a Mac! So, I cannot get to the picture, which is, believe it or not....

a canon.

No one guessed correctly, although you all really tried!
Christy, you get the most creative award, and I will swap a Valentine with you, if you are up to it!
To the rest, thanks for playing!

You will have to wait to see the picture, unfortunately. Meanwhile, the painting above is a portrait in progress. I will have the whole progression of this portrait on my Facebook page and Flickr.
You can view the progress up to 9pm here: Poppy's Adventure.



  1. YAY! I really does pay to think outside the box, eh?

    Thanks Becca of course I'd LOVE to trade Valentines with you.
    sorry 'bout the pooter problems.

    So, why don't you have a backup Mac? (har har har - doesn't everyone?)

  2. and I love the painting above - been following it and it's awesome.

  3. no, we don't have a backup mac, just 2 PCs, and 10,000 monitors.


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