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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Late, but not forgotten

Ok, I finally got my iMac back from the shop. Here's the picture of the canon I couldn't post before for the photo contest! There were no winners this time. Maybe it'll be easier this month!

With all the cold wet weather we've had to endure in the past few months, it was nice to go outside today and experience the bliss of sunshine and warmth on our bodies. The rest of the city had the same idea, and we all crawled out of our holes and exposed our skin like reptiles in the winter sun.

The cold weather and lack of sun can really play with your brain chemistry, too. Luckily, science and restaurants support our feelings. Comfort food isn't really on the Summer menu, is it?! (Although, the Gelato shop was swamped today)

Today, Sunday, is even nicer than yesterday, and I'm participating in the other common human nature activity: Spring Cleaning. It may be a little soon, but when you're cooped up for months, a lot of yuck accumulates in the hen house.

Have a great day!


  1. Hi, glad you got out of your hole for a while. We have had some incredible Spring weather her the past few days. They say one more sunny day then back to rain.

  2. same as here! I guess Oregon and Atlanta are mimicking each other? Weird!


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