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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Don't be Ridiculous!

"Fat and Happy"
Faber-Castell Colored Pencil on Bristol Smooth

I have often felt that I would never be taken seriously if I created only cartoon-ish-y art. In fact, that has been true, as I have been rejected at times as a serious artist. I have even canceled listings because when I looked back, I felt it just wasn't good enough. But, there is plenty of "serious" art that doesn't make me feel good, so what good is it after all?

Eh, who cares anymore?!!! I think the goal here is to do what makes you happy, and what you seem to be good at performing. I'm still not sure what I am best at performing, but I'm turning a new leaf and I am no longer going to pout that I haven't really painted a still life since college, (and I'm not upset about it.)

Also, I've been afraid to say I would begin my painting a day challenge just because I know I'd be bound to miss some days. Screw that charade as well!

So, to start small, I will create an aceo a day! Maybe I'll work up to the oswoa size for the Daily Painter's site! I will post some and throw in some more Rhinos and history lessons! yay!

My blog has moved to my website! I wont be posting here forever, so I hope you will find your way to it an follow for a little fun now and then!

Smelly Rhino's Blog

For all of you who are illustrators and whimsical artists, power on!

Have an inspired day!



  1. I really, really love this one Rebecca and I like your thoughts on what you choose to do. You go girl. How soon are you moving this blog? I need to change my link to the new one when you make the move. Thanks!

  2. It's already been at the new website for months. Just click on the link in the post! Eric thinks I'm crazy to keep putting it in two places.
    ;) Thanks Kathleen!


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