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Friday, May 28, 2010

Familiar, Funny, and Demonstrative

Buddy Giraffe
Faber-Castell Colored pencil on Bristol Smooth

Tonight, I read my friend Alexia's regular newsletter, full of daily wisdom, funny and familiar. She that she was writing her morning pages, and made note of the vital 2500 word a day challenge that is out there. She also mentioned having hurt her knee while attempting to train with the couch to 5k program.

She reminded me of a story. Well, 2 stories, really. My knee was defiled by a fucktard snowboarder in Tahoe 4 years ago. But more recently, my hip is suddenly WHACK! It's so tight even bending over can be a problem. (probably also the fault of the snowboarder). All this physiological self-discovery came to pass when I started my own couch to 10k program a few weeks ago so a bunch of us could do the Peachtree Road Race (the largest 10k in the country, I've been told). My hip is so tight the chiropractor said, "NO running!" Find a swimming pool instead. and YOGA; do some of those sunrise poses." So, now I have to nurse this aging hip, instead of just running on a whim, with no prior training or exercise, like I did when I was 25. I don't understand why Maker's Mark and TV can't prepare me for that kind of thing.

Back to the snowboarder, briefly. Whoever the hell invented snowboarding should have his own damned mountain to board on, and bring the rest of the boarders with him, because they don't belong with skiers. I don't say this to be mean, I say this to keep skiers safe and to keep the slopes uncluttered from the discourteous, etiquette thrashing, malevolent effing teenagers who just stop for no other apparent reason right in the middle of a downhill slope than to 'take a break' as skiers are actually attempting to use the slope for SKIING! But maybe worse still are the wobbly snowboarders who grab people and drag them down when exiting the ski lift because they can't control their own balance, and have to completely destroy the cartilage of totally innocent skiers because they are too fracking clumsy and self-absorbed to just fall on their own off to the side somewhere!

Soooo, the other story...yea, this is gonna chew off a few people, but here goes, (and this is the really demonstrative part): The fracking morning pages. That book, specifically. I stopped reading the stupid book on chapter 4 or 5 when it said, "don't read this book for a week!"...I never went back. Then, like 4 months later, I decided to start again. whatever! Stopped again after the second night falling asleep thinking, 'yea, see, now I'm bored.'

Hello? What book says, "Stop reading me for a week, now that I am sure I have your attention!"
I seriously think the writer or editor should change that part. New Editions are good, mkay?
Anyway, had a yard sale with a girlfriend a couple months later, and her book was in the yard. (I chuckled under my breath).

I liked a lot of ideas in that book, though. I have always journaled, and I liked the suggestion that you always do your morning pages, just get up and get it out right away. I rarely do first thing in the morning, but I do write, and I think that was more the point for me than getting out my expletives before my second cup of coffee. I thanked Alexia and said, "Now I am going to go put this in my blog. Thanks for making me write tonight. he he."

Have a great safe holiday weekend!
Ps. I really do still write the pages, just not every morning.

Alexia is a terrific person, has a great site and is a very intuitive and helpful observer, and coach. Read more about Alexia Petrakos.

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