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Saturday, May 8, 2010

A reluctant trip to the casino

The Rice/Kusel Family
Circa 1998

Yesterday I woke up to the email you never want to read.

My cousin, in an obviously grieving state, sent out a broadcast to the family that her Dad had passed during the night. It was early in the morning, but I think even if she had been able to muster the will, 10 phone calls would have been beyond the abilities of a daughter who just lost her Daddy. Cy Kusel was her Daddy and my Uncle. He is pictured furthest to the right, nudged between his daughter and his wife.

Next week, I will drive to Indianapolis, pick up my Mother from the airport and spend the time needed to add a little love to the situation, and share some fond memories of my dear Uncle.

Cy loved to tell stories about how much his favorite niece (me) liked to talk. He said my Mother would constantly complain to her sister and brother-in-law (my uncle Cy) that she was getting impatient waiting for me talk. She wont say anything, Mom would say. I made plenty of noise, I'm willing to bet. But behaviorists will tell you that often the youngest child will be the last to talk as a result of the older children speaking on her behalf. I had 3 older brothers, who, I'm guessing, were able to look at me and tell Mom exactly what I wanted and needed, thereby making my work at communication quite literally, unimportant. This may explain many things, now that I think a little more about it... like, for example, my desire to be completely taken care of, not ever lifting a finger. (or is that a consequence of being female?)

Anyway, back to the story. So Uncle Cy would say to my Mother, "Don't worry, Carolyn, one day you will miss the silence. That one day came when I was 4, and all at once, I was speaking in eloquent and demanding full sentences. Uncle Cy was happy to recount the end of the story ..."Then, we couldn't shut her up!"

I'm afraid not much has changed.

On the way home from my unfortunate family visit, I'll stop by another cousin's, who is is near Louisville, and maybe play a slot or two at the Riverboat Casino there. Hey, you have to find the best in any bad situation.

Now, time for a little silence.


  1. So sorry Rebecca, travel safely and don't lose too much or better yet come home a winner.

  2. Thanks, Marlene. I was really kidding, since I will be going with those cousins up to the memorial.

  3. Call me when you lose all your money and need a ride home.


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