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Friday, March 18, 2011

#17 Graphite Rhino; 31 Days of Rhinos

You blinked and it stopped. A year ago.

Welcome back to my continuing jaunt into the history of art, my way, with 31 days of rhinos to celebrate Art's affect on civilization and humanity for cryin' out loud! The depths that art has reached in it's 30,000+ years (well, since the cave drawing days, anyway)

It's a good time to pick up where we left off because this month, is taking entries into the Rhinoceros show! So, if you like Rhinos, head on over to enter one of your own. If you like rhinos but don't want to actually make rhino art, then head over to April 1st-8th to vote on your favorite rhino in the show!


Graphite, the salt of the Earth. Sort of.

Drawing is a basic function of Art and artists. It's a basic function of survival in fact. We draw directions, we draw a diagram, we draw plans, we draw figures! The pencil is probably the most prolific instrument in the history of time!

So, what better way to jump back into the 31 days of Rhinos than with the most beloved and fundamental tool known to man. hee hee. Good ol' #2! (and 3B and 4H and 8B and 2H, etc.) Well, there is certainly no dispute that Graphite is the oldest drawing tool. When cavemen drew on the walls, they picked the charcoal out of the fire (probably the same cave men who invented kabobs. I love kabobs.)

It has evolved over the years, but even as fascinated as we are by all kinds of lovely media, something still draws us (pun intended) back to the pencil drawing. Beautiful and simple and portable. We love a good masterpiece, yet when a show comes to the museum that involves, say, the sketches of Leonardo, you want to see it, don't you?? Every artist draws to enhance their talent. Pick up a pencil today and draw something. Then, treat yourself to an ice cream cone, because ice cream is good.

So, I hope you'll continue to look out for the rest of this series until I hit 31 in early April. The 31 days of Rhinos are an exploration into art and art history, celebrating some of the worlds most famous art genres and also art techniques and practices to enhance your skills! I am here to share. Some will be quickies, some will take all day. It's all good clean fun! See you tomorrow.


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