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Monday, March 7, 2011

Monday, Schmonday...just fix your Sunday!

I have never been one to say I hate Mondays. I'm not really sure why people have such loathsome despair for this day. I think what they really hate is Sunday! Sunday you wake up and realize that Saturday is gone. You only have one day to relax and half of it is nearly gone, too! Sunday afternoon, you are already considering tomorrow morning and the commute. By Sunday night, you have mentally prepared yourself for going back to work, only in the worst way.

If you hate your job, you probably will have the worst night's sleep of the week on Sunday, because you are ticked off that your weekend is over and you didn't get as much done as you wanted to and you still have to throw some clothes in the wash to wear tomorrow and you are dreading the load of crap you will encounter upon entering the office tomorrow.

I could be wrong, of course.

However, if any of this sounds plausible, how about trying some psychology mixed with a little time management and pure unadulterated joy on for size and follow this list:

Hire a maid who does laundry. If you can't afford a maid, just do enough laundry in other moments of the week so it wont swallow up your precious free time on the weekend.

ALWAYS eat ice cream on Sunday. I cannot remember seeing an angry frustrated spiteful attitude from a person eating ice cream.

Have sex on Sunday afternoon. (optional, mostly)

Take a sleeping pill early Sunday night, like around 9 and make sure it's strong enough to totally knock you out so you will have no choice but to get a good night's sleep. (or have sex right before 9 so you'll fall asleep!)

If you live with someone who doesn't care what day of the week it is, who is generally happy and optimistic, maybe you could consider for just a moment that you might have a crappy attitude and there is another way to look at life. (really, there is). The best part is that it's ok to change! You don't have to stay an asshole forever. Choose to make your own day, and you will in turn add to your partner's happiness.

I'm just sayin'.

(Honestly, I had a great Sunday and have no idea where this whole post came from except that I just read more than one post about how sucky Mondays are...)

PS. Here is how an optimist (me) views going back to work: I love changing the sheets on Sunday night and getting into the most cozy comfy bed that was ever made! I love smelling the freshly folded clothes that I will put on in the morning! I am feeling good and refreshed from the weekend and that amazing meal we (probably) prepared together or the fun lunch date we shared while we were out running errands. Tomorrow, I'll get to see and interact with co-workers, learn what they did over the weekend and see some progress with a project I'm working on. I have a brand new week ahead of me and it's exciting that I have so much time!

When I get up each day, I have a choice to make today awesome. I choose AWESOME! Why choose sucky? You know that saying, "Whether you think you can or you can't, you're right?" Well, same thing goes for choosing how to approach your Monday!

Mondays are good days! That's how I see it anyway.

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