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Friday, January 25, 2013

Good Grouping!

closeup of Fender Under Water
16x20"; acrylic on canvas

We artists talk to ourselves. (I'm grouping us all together. as if.)  We are alone a lot, so you can't blame us for talking back to the radio or inciting dissent in a quiet studio of one. We also agree with ourselves more than the average opportunity would avail.  Hey, I'm alone, I have to take advantage of the perspective, it's all I've got!

Anyway, you the artist...You're saying to yourself, "Self, I am an artist darnit!  My voice, ahem, brush! needs to be heard, or seen or something."  Well, then get out there!  You have my permission.  Do it! Do it today! Do it soon, at least.  Ok, ok, make a plan to do it in the near future.  I'm here to help. I've got a basic and nifty quick start guide to getting started with your first group show. Neat!  (I didn't write it, so don't clap yet.)  I came across the article today in the Friday Five blog. She didn't write it either, but thanks, Amanda Makepeace for posting it. Keep reading, it's coming.  ;)

Perhaps you're the expert! Skilled at planning and hosting group art shows already?  Please leave your comments with your own website/articles/links after this post!  We will look out for you and your sage offerings and I'll likely blog about you.  If you are in Atlanta, please suggest venues while you're at it!

Hopefully, in the weeks to come, I will be able to post about additional ways to enhance your group shows and really make a splash!

Alright already, if you are wanting to do shows around town, but don't know how to muster a solo show or you are trying to get noticed by galleries, then do a group show!  

Here's the article from the wise owls at
How to Organize and Curate a Successful Group Art Exhibition, by Steff Metal

Guitar Noir
16x20"; acrylic on canvas

Have a nice day, Rebecca


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  1. Very interesting. I visited the web site and traveled to other links. Always interesting.


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