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Thursday, January 24, 2013

It's swell to be so random!

I like to knit.
I have missed knitting lately.
I knitted this for you, maybe,
whoever you are.

Hand knitted ribbed scarf
color: green
length: 6 feet
yarn: super soft acrylic
machine wash cool and tumble dry low

This could get mushy.
Sometimes you just have to think of others.
It feels good. Others have thought of me and I have been so grateful. I have thought of others and it made me a happier person. Gratitude is contagious. If I make you happy today, I hope I infect you with the bug of good cheer and the spirit to give to another person somewhere. Perhaps that person will never know you were the perpetrator of good will or perhaps you will choose to let them know as I am today. I will do other completely anonymous acts, of course, but I am putting this one out there to cause a riot of good will and random giving!

Please post a comment on this blog and on Sunday, January 27th, I will randomly choose a new owner for this warm snugly scarf.

There is no motive for this other than wanting to knit you a scarf. period.
Thanks for caring,

UPDATE:  Beth W. (anonymous) is the winner of the scarf. Yea, I figured it out. Congrats Beth!


  1. I agree! It's so very easy to make people happy, and it doesn't take much, and it's FUN. YES, let's get out there and do it, however we think to. You make me happy LOTS of times, with your quirky humor and artfulness. Have I been the aggressor in random acts of kindness? Yes, and they shall remain anonymous, because that is the most fun of all. My next opportunity I will think of you, and tell you all about it!

  2. Randomness rocks! I didn't know you like to knit :)

  3. The lady checking out in front of me @ ALDI yesterday had a cart full of Aldi Brand Greek Yogurt- I said wow you must really like the Yogurt here-She tells me how great it is..I just randomly say I'll have to get some the next time I am in the store to try it out- I unload my groceries and take back my cart and when I came back there were 3 different flavors of Greek Yogurt sitting on the hood of my truck.. I didn't see the lady anywhere...Made my day...
    Random Acts of Kindness Rock! Today I will have my own fun making someones day.. I agree with Gereald anything you create is wonderful..XOXO

    1. Congratulations Anonymous, you have won the scarf. This could be a conundrum..let's hope it works out for the best. If you want it to go to yourself, please send me your address. If you prefer an anonymous donation of this scarf to another, please indicate. Yay you! Thanks for playing.

    2. YEA for being Anonymous! I will except my new scarf and wear it...Just to clarify Rebecca, I was only Anonymous bc I was writing my little post while waiting on my son at the orthodontist.. He came out and I had to finish and post...It was fastest to push Anonymous. I really just wanted you to know that YOU ROCK & that I have always appreciated your talents..
      So crazy that you figured out that it was me...You have ESP on top of it really do rock!

    3. Yup, ESP - Extra Special Purpose! lol. I sometimes get a little intuition, it's true. Who knows why, maybe it is deductive reasoning, but it's cool when it works! ;)

  4. Fluffy, Thanks! Here's to giving and laughing.

    Gerard, you are such a sweetheart, thank you! :)

    Shelley, I haven't knitted in a while, maybe that's why i've been feeling the winter blues, no knitting needles in my hand!

    Anon --- you got a two-fer! Something for your tastebuds and your colon! he he

  5. Well this is a match made in ... somewhere. I'm thinking of you like crazy! Can you get started on another scarf? Anon, let me know if you want my address. You can get an early start on your kindness path.

    1. Don't worry, Bill, I've got plans for you.

  6. ok, I know who anon. is now. I did some deductive reasoning, as I am a sleuth, or I'm into sleuth tv shows anyway. lol. ;) BW, I'll get it to you very soon. Thanks for playing!

  7. Hee, hee...glad you figured it out! Love the scarf (I like to knit, too....something about playing with color and texture in a different medium....) Anyhow - I'm loving your blog - I'm just not that good about actually commenting (I tend to do it in my head, but not actually on the computer ;-)

  8. Thanks Debbie! :) yea, I do a lot in my head too..isn't that an artist thing? I have another little cute number I think I'll give away, for giggles.


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