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Thursday, April 18, 2013

The mad mad mad mad mad mad mad world...and me.

Mirror Mirror
5x7 Mixed Media Collage, framed

Happy Thursday, and here's to an unremarkable day! 

PLEASE oh please!

So, it's been rough the past couple of weeks, dealing with my family emergencies, but I'm happy to report that after some crazy sleepless nights and hours upon hours (which added to entire days on occasion) of waiting in hospitals and doctor's offices, the road to recovery is looking optimistic, really good even!  

During this period, I have had very little sleep, to the point of exhaustion and you know how you can make yourself sick that way!  I'm feeling upbeat today though, filling a few orders and feeling like things might return to a good clip by tomorrow.  It's a good thing too, because I have been invited to be a featured artist in an upcoming art walk downtown in June!  yay me! (and thanks Doog Becker, you are such a great supporter of the arts! xo)

This collage is another piece from my new (Insomnia) series inspired by waking and dreaming thoughts. Each component of the artwork is also hand made and embellished by me. This piece is called "Mirror Mirror", completely original collage art made from components that I also made; including hand made and painted and embellished papers (though not all the paper is made by me), Venetian plaster, polymer clay, jute, paint, glaze, and pencil.  100% art. and affordable!

This collage series will be available online in my Etsy shop and locally in Atlanta, Georgia at the Saturday Market in Marietta Square, 2nd and 4th Saturdays beginning April 13th and the Farmartket (Atlanta Belt line Saturday Market) 1st Saturday all Summer.  This series may also end up in a couple of boutiques and galleries and I'll let you know where they spring up if they do.

So, gotta go do a bunch of stuff now to play catch up, so enjoy the art and I'll see you soon,
(oh yea, don't forget to have a nice semi-normal inconsequential day!)



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  2. Hmmm.. trying again....

    Sending you hugs, Rebecca! Hope you had a wonderfully uneventful day ;-)
    Love the collage series.


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