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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

You have my permission to have something lovely!

Public Service Announcement
On behalf of the Festival Arts World and all Artists everywhere!

"Souvenirs de ma jeunesse
"5x7" mixed media
Available, click here for purchase information

It's OK, you are allowed to buy art and enjoy it! You have my permission, you are no longer relegated to some weird tribe of lookers who repeat time and again, "Wow, I want that!" ...but then never buy..


Imagine how awesome that would be to actually have in your hands and in your home!

Why not just buy it and enjoy it? You deserve it! It probably wont even cost that much! I routinely have people in my booth at the Saturday market LOVING a $15 print but don't want to "blow" the money on something frivolous, yet, they may be holding a $5.00 latte. Lattes are wicked great, I know, but ART is a lasting treat that you can really savor!

Support Artists and support handmade in the USA. Buy Art today!
You will cherish it for years, and it might help an artist continue to create. Your purchase will also help pay those tent fees so you can come and browse in the first place! Without sales, eventually artists will stop coming to the festivals that you enjoy and the festivals can't continue without us. We are paying to provide your fun, literally. Plus, where will you get funnel cakes and strawberry shortcake then?

It's not just a beautiful treasure you receiving, but we get to eat too! Just think, double bonus, you get something awesome and the artist gets to thrive and make more awesome art!

Most Saturdays, you can visit me at an open market! ... at the Marietta Square Artist Market 2nd and 4th Saturdays through November and at the Beltline at FarmArtket the first Sat. of every month through the Summer in Reynoldstown neighborhood of Atlanta!  Please contact prior to going to make sure I'm in town that weekend.  

Have a nice day, Rebecca


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