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Thursday, February 13, 2014

A little Patriotism on a quiet winter morning

View from my studio after Atlanta snow

This is the view from my studio window, looking past the backyard through the trees, after a 3 day ice and snow storm which has kept all of Atlanta indoors.  The winter morning has been quiet, with nothing but a bird and a squirrel to interrupt the serenity of the scene.  I took some snap shots on my phone to text to friends with hopes of seeing their views in return.

Eventually, I made it down to my studio, which I lovingly call, "The Dungeon," even though it's in a daylight basement with a window.  This morning, though, it is my fortress of Solitude.  I continued to marvel at the beautiful snow covered scene from this vantage point, and as I gazed, listening to my morning Mozart, I discovered something rare and precious.  What looked at first to be a nearly black and white photograph, suddenly revealed the most startling tiny and wondrous spot of color.  Out through the woods, far off in the distance, across a road which is camouflaged from view, there stands a lonely flagpole, upon it flying the lovely red and white stripes and blue and white stars of the American flag.  "Wow!" I thought, with real awe, "How beautiful is that?"

I find it fitting that this scene would present itself to me during the Olympics, when I am most likely to feel Patriotic.

Small moments like this make me want to slow down just a bit more to enjoy the view, pay just a little more attention to those nearly hidden little gems of contrast that make things more interesting. My husband will be happy I pulled out my new camera (for the first time since receiving it at Christmas) to take this 300 yard shot of this one small but precious moment in time.

Have a nice day,

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