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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

AC/DC and other inspirations for painting

Custom hand painted glass ornament
Made to order of your favorite furry friend!
For more info: Smelly Rhino Studio

Yesterday was so balmy, incredible. A day not to be inside.  Today was a great studio day.  Overcast, plus, I had a dose of sunshine yesterday so I felt like being cooped up!

So, into the studio to work on some custom orders.

After perusing Facebook a while to procrastinate before committing to my paintbrush, I read a post from a childhood friend asking what heavy metal song is my favorite.  I took that to mean back in the day, which for me would have been the 80's.  He struck a chord in me, and I promptly went to iTunes radio and chose the AC/DC station, which in turn started up my favorite rock song, one to begin a decade, (1980.) "Back and Black"-- It isn't even heavy metal! HA!  I have zero idea how this came to be my favorite, but I never tire of hearing it, even though I was the teenager who loved the B52s and Cindy Lauper and all things New Wave, and couldn't have cared less about hard rock at the time.  Still, AC/DC stayed with me. weird.

So, after nearly 30 years, you can imagine how overjoyed I must have been when movie makers chose the song for the beginning of the first Ironman movie, which is my favorite superhero movie of ever, bar none! I left it on the station all afternoon and a plethora of 70's and 80's tunes, which apparently are considered "likeable" if you also like AC/DC, graced my ears -- Ozzie Osborne, Led Zepplin, Def Leopard and Guns N Roses. I know, Hair bands don't really qualify as heavy metal, but hey, I already mentioned I wasn't on a heavy metal channel.  It was awesome for my nostalgia seeking heart.

So, this ornament is what got finished during my reign of hair banditude. (yea, I made up that word.)

Ps. Hard rock seems to have a similar effect on me as heavy metal while painting; productive.

Have a nice evening,

For more information on how to order your own custom ornament, visit my Artfire shop or my Etsy shop and shop securely with confidence and checkout with Paypal or try direct checkout!



  1. Your taste in music sucks but that is a very neat ornament. How much do they cost? I need to get one of Mango before I shoot him. Posted on FB that I would shoot him if no one bought my painting. Some would think that was a risky marketing tactic but I knew it was a sure thing. The only way I could justify to the wife of ridding myself of the little tyrant. This way I can say it is a point of honor I must stand by my word.

    Wasn't ready for the number of FB fanatics that want to shoot me now. Maybe I'd better get one of those ornaments of me also. Can I get a deal on two?

    1. Thanks! ...and thanks, Bill! Just click on the ornament and it will take you to all the pricing info and options. But, I'm sure we could work something out. You could buy one with that painting, I suppose, then you wouldn't have to shoot Mango. But, I do like to eat, so, there's that. ;)


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