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Friday, February 28, 2014

Things that are working for me; note #2


Acrylic on wood panel

This is officially the last available panel of my Ethereal Flowers, Series I.  I thought I was sold out, but this little 6x6" panel was hanging out in a flower show downtown at the Artists Atelier Gallery & Studios, a neat community of really good fine artists, whose workspaces and showspaces are combined and delightfully in full view of the patron-visitor! Stop by Tuesday - Saturday, on Miami Circle in Atlanta and take home a work of art from the hands of a local artist. So, the flower show ended today and I was able to bring this piece home and offer her to you.  

I have recently opened a little gallery on Daily Paintworks, where you'll find only original paintings from painters all over the world., and me. I'll be offering paintings that occur in a series. I hope you'll visit my shop. I've provided a link below, which will continue to be available on the sidebar after this blogpost has moved down the list into oblivion. 

Have a nice day, Rebecca


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