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Monday, February 23, 2009

Oh la la, it's Mardi Gras!

These pieces are available in my Etsy store, and like most things, they don't scan well...but they look really cool in person, and they come matted for a 5x7 frame!

Happy Fat Tuesday, Heureux Mardi Gras, and yehaw, it's carnival (if you're lucky enough to be in Venice)

Mardi gras reminds me of one of my favorite pastimes...gambling. Don't ask me why...could it be that Harrah's owns the majority of casinos in the world now, and I always stay at a Harrah's resort when in Vegas??? could be. Harrah's theme is Mardi Gras!!! Always bright and cheerful, always ready to take your money.

Well, I say, bring it on!! I haven't been in so long, I nearly have withdrawals just thinking about it....mmmm...Wheel of jack!

So, today, if you're in a town that celebrates, or if you're going to a bar because you couldn't get time off work to go to a town that does it right (or you already own every Girls Gone Wild video, and you know who you are), have a great time, but remember for everyone's sake, be safe!!

Mom and Me in New Orleans! Cute, I know.


  1. Gambling? I just knew you had to have some flaw. I was in a Vegas casino at 8:00 AM years ago watching a young woman crying as she put her last quarters into a card game machine. I asked her why she was crying. She had been married the night before. Both families came from the midwest for the wedding. After the wedding as soon as her new husband went to sleep she went down to the casino and lost all the money of both families.

    Enjoy your little hobby.

  2. Well, that was just crazy! It's important to have an entertainment budget....Here's how much I am willing to spend on gambling entertainment, and here are all the shows we're going to! :)

  3. I love them Rebecca. The bottom two are a bit menacing, but they can be the antagonist to the protagonist at the top. They're terrific for a kids book. I think you have what it takes to illustrate the genre. You should check out

    And you look just like your mom. Maybe you got the peacock feathers from your dad.

  4. Yea, except Mom is green and I'm blue, but that happens a lot with puppies.

  5. The picture of you with your mom is sooooo cute! Love it. And your Mardi Gras pieces are wonderful!

    Oh yeah, THANKS for adding me to your blogroll...I'm honored!

  6. Wow, beauty and talent all wrapped up in one wonderful package! Great Mardi Gras pieces!

  7. Rebecca,
    These are great !!! OMG, you are so good !!! With the right marketing you will do so well on Etsy !!!
    And yes, let's meet for s drink soon, next week looks good for me.


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