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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Who do you have to know?

A client was talking to me about the kinds of things she likes to decorate with, including iron and little traditionally shaped chachkas, but she wanted wall art. My Mom loves that kind of thing, too, including fleur de lis. So, I thought it would be nice to fill the need with simple hand painted canvases, so here are a couple that I designed. I think people love being able to purchase something that was actually hand painted, even if the theme is not necessarily original or the subject may be an open edition.
5" x 5" canvases travel light, and thrown into simple frames, they dress up well and make great accessories for a powder room or small space. Let me know what you think.

On watching football (can I say that?):

We didn't watch the "Big Game"...You know, once the football commission (they don't deserve proper punctuation) or whoever became that uptight about money, I decided that if no one could say super and bowl together, I wasn't going to watch it either. I hate greed.

We went to the museum instead. The High Museum in Atlanta is currently showing China's First Emperor's Terra Cotta Army, and "Bonjour Ya'll!" -- some great works from the Louvre. It happened to be a perfect 65 degrees. What a great day to walk downtown! We have season passes and saw the terra cotta army last week, so on this trip, we walked through the Louvre exhibit! It took an interesting twist because it talked about what makes a Masterpiece, and how some art had been revisited and were now re-considered Masterpieces! It also talked at length about how to detect a forgery, and has neat little stations where you can observe on a computer the way an art expert would.

We walked through the contemporary exhibition, too, which has lots of great stuff. I don't know if you realize this, but a lot of art shows up in museums simply because it has been gifted to the museum. With that in mind, there were a number of pieces that I saw in the contemporary exhibit that left me wondering why contemporary art doesn't seem to have the same kind of art experts considering it. Forgive me (as an artist) for being so bold as to exclaim the one simple question that kept popping into my head over and over through this exhibit, (but particularly as I was viewing the 4 shaped canvases which either were not painted at all or had one solid color on them):

"Who did he know?"


  1. I like the chachkas you painted. Great and excellent for powder rooms as you stated.

    Your visit to the museum sounded wonderful...made me think it's time for my husband and I to head back up to Denver's museums. Thanks for the inspiration!

    And I too wonder about solid color pieces of art just hanging in an exhibition. I've never really understood that concept. I could do something just like it and no one would care. :) I'll stick with my glass.

  2. Yes, well...who then? And can you introduce me?
    :) snort!(I promise I wont snort in front of them, although it worked for Julia Roberts)


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