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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The View Mistress at work!

UPDATE: YAY!! My first eBay award for the View Mistress!! (I never post anything on time for the contest deadlines, but now I guess I have some incentive!

Thanks to those who bid, who ACTUALLY wanted to!

This original painting is currently available at auction on Ebay...Starting bid is $4.99
The reason I'm telling you all this is because it is an entry for the coveted ACEO Year's Best competition for the month of February. Theme is anything cartoon.

So, in my usual spirit of shameless self-promotion, I ask that if you like original art, me and robots, wouldn't you just love to bid on this sweet very very well priced little treasure!!!

The only criteria for the awards (1st - 3rd), is the highest number of "unique bidders". So, if you like it, please go to my eBay store and place a bid!!

You can click on this pic to head to the auction!!

Thanks, Rebecca



  1. This is too cool. I want one. A real one, dustpan, firestarter, viewfinder. WallE has competition :-)

  2. Thanks ladies! Yea, wouldn't it be nice...She looks a little mischievous, though.


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