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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

smelly magnets that don't smell, but if they did, it might be nice

Sometimes I wonder while I'm trying to salvage the last ounce of my french pressed pot, without actually consuming the goop that would force me to sift coffee grounds out of my teeth, "hmm..I should probably put more water on, in case I want to experience this again in the near future!"

Such is the case with these cute (and cheap) little magnets. Only $4.00 each and a nice way to keep on enjoying the art you may already have somewhere else in the house, but just want another little piece of it when you reach for the handle on the fridge! Or maybe your budget will only allow for the smallest stuff..and hey, I think I can accommodate you!

I have a stock on hand and I will ship out same day if I can. Anyway, yet another small marketing hooray for the folks at those online printers.

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