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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Celebrate the end of a decade, really kick it's Shiny Metal Hiney!

I watched Doctor Who the other night and the episode mentions that the world was hopeful that President Obama would declare the recession is over.... I started laughing mean that's all it takes? COOL!

Good Riddance, 2009. I had to look up that spelling...don't laugh. How often do you write that? Too busy just saying it. I realize I wrote some not so kind words about 2008 as well, but you know, that was the start of the recession. So, what's the mantra? 2010, do it again? NOPE. Ok, does it have rhyme?..cuz I got nothin! I'm really not being negative, I just prefer to look forward instead of saying, "Ah, those were good times! Wish I was in yesteryear!"

Well, why don't we end the year on a nice note. At last year's end, I mentioned losing some pretty amazing people, and most of my livelihood as a faux painter. (I am still a decorative painter, but the business is slumbering).

Well, a lot can happen in a year, and here's why I'm grateful!

First, I met so many amazing people in 2009! I am so grateful for everyone who has come into my life. I've made so many friends, that I feel incredibly wealthy! And I never feel alone.
I don't think my hands could handle typing all of them in this post, but you know who you are!

Second, I really hunkered down to redirect my art to online selling and I have really begun to see some results after my long tough year. :) So, I am really grateful to myself for my perseverance.

Third, I learned to be aware of who is truly good (for you) and who is not. If someone makes you feel less than amazing, let them be. seriously. Don't go trying to pick people up continually..they will only bring you down! And, well meaning people who constantly tell you what you need to do can be the biggest drag of all. Spend less time around them and you'll find your own way! I know it! (even if they take credit for it).

Next, I made a choice to help people, and I diversified! I donated a lot of art to good causes and it felt good. I donated time to people who needed a little hand. I donated goods that I had so they could be useful for others. I donated money, too. Helping people will always be a reward for yourself.

Another thing; a good heart in need wants to believe that people will help, but people have to know you need it first. Sometimes you do have to ask! If you can't ask people for help, then, just send it out there. Write it down and believe you will receive. But, once you do this, the rest is up to you. You must put some work into it, emotionally, physically and spiritually. You can give yourself permission to be anything you want when you are ready. So, go make it happen.

..and lastly, as always, never EVER give up!

But, first, sip some something bubbly and ring in the New Year!

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  1. Happy New Year Rebecca, Wishing you blessings and much success in the new year. What a cute dog!


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