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Thursday, December 10, 2009

What's her secret?

Oh I don't know the secret to success. Ok, maybe I consistent. Oh, that reminds me of why I haven't been that successful lately. But, about a month ago, I started a new shop to help pay the bills, combining two of my favorite things. Television and recycling! (add movies to that, too!)

I started Outward Bound, a bindery of anything up cycled, recycled, reclaimed, whatever you wanna call it! Handmade journals with recycled paper, yay! But, the nostalgia comes into play here, as you can order your favorite show or movie and have that wee feel good feeling with it.

You can have my favorite robot, too, the ultimate partying bending unit! Maybe you're a Simpsons person, or Family Guy? Got it! Well, got some anyway.

Some great classic movies are available, too, but they are scarce. So, if you see one, you probably better grab it now. See, because these are repurposed, I take no part in reproducing images. I merely reuse the cover and once it's gone, it's gone! By the way, the vast majority of the covers are pristine! NEAT!

To see the shop and a link to a regularly updated index of available titles, check out the shop and enjoy bulk shipping discounts, such as a (US only) priority mail in addition to a discount on multiple orders of 3 or more!

Great stocking stuffers for kids and adults, killer office gifts at only $8 bucks a pop! Buy two or three, they're small!

Outward Bound


  1. "Smelly Rhino Studio" has been included in a special edition Christmas Gift Sites To See. I hope this helps attract more new customers for you.

    P.S.: I am sorry that the possible gift I featured was one that has already sold out. I did not notice that until after I had everything almost set up, and my only options were to either start all over again or delete your site from the list. Hopefully, they will see something else of yours that they just can't live without.

  2. Wow, this is really cool Rebecca. You are very clever!

  3. Thanks K!
    he he. Love your new website! wow, pretty!


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