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Thursday, January 29, 2009

I ETSY - because it's fun!

All art doesn't have to be a great masterpiece to be appreciated! Some art is just for fun. Some art is for giving. Some art is definitely for coveting.

I enjoy selling on Etsy, because it is a site of all things handmade. Why go buy a mass produced Valentine when you can get an original painting for about the same price, handled with care and shipped right to your door? Plus, hate to go to Hallmark, anyway!!

Here are some fun Valentines I painted this week. You know, as an artist, I find that artists peruse other artists, but we don't often buy from each other. I made it a point last year to reject the notion of starving artist and buy as often as I could from others in the spirit of support and mutual admiration.

I have supporters. My Mom has bought from me, although I would have gladly given her whatever she wanted. My brother has bought from me..he's the penultimate in coolness (next to my Mom).

So, what creative gods and goddesses do you have in your family who deserve a show of support? Don't be afraid. Don't just look at their work and say, "Neat!" Many of us are working artists...I don't have another day job.

Do you not have an artist in your family? If you don't, then visit Etsy and you'll soon be a fan of many very talented people who put their gifts of creativity into everything they make.

If you buy from an artist, you are helping to promote world peace, because Art and Science keep us civilized!!

Do you want to be green, reduce your carbon footprint, yada yada? You can shop locally on Etsy and instantly, you are being GREEN and supporting your local economy!! Don't let that stop you from buying from me, though....after all, I am a shameless self-promoter!

Cheers and happy hunting!

Search for these groups on Etsy, to all of whom I belong!
In Georgia:
Team NorGA - (North Georgia Etsy team)
GaEtsy team (Georgia Etsy team)
For ACEO Art Cards:
Team (Aceo Etsy team - these are producers of art cards, exclusively, 2.5 x 3.5")

It's your turn to be a patron of the arts!

My store: . Or, just look over to the right column, you'll see my store.


  1. Wonderful, shameless self-promotion. Also love your Valentine ACEOs.


  2. I just love your "out there" approach and I know that's why I follow your blog! Love what you've done for Valentine's Day.

    And I agree with supporting fellow artists. I do it too. Just started my Etsy store last year and trying to give it some 'legs'. I think Etsy is a great venue.

    Hope you have LOTS of sales this year!


  3. Thank you ladies! I am so excited that people actually read this. I did a little test to see if indeed people I know and care about actually read my blog...I sent a link to just about my entire address book yesterday. NO ONE has responded. But, I LOVE that strangers read it (ie. new found friends and cohorts!)

  4. Ok, here is a response - I prefer a personal note telling me you have something new to read.

    I will make a commitment to buying one of your works this year! If I should forget please remind me. I'm looking for a piece on weeds.

    I will be sending you your Valentines on Wed and will send tracking info soon after. Don't eat it; toxic I think.

  5. Bill,

    Equi donati dentes non inspiciuntur...

    I have an attitude of gratitude, and your weeds will be a loving donation from me to your private collection! (Whenever they get there, that is, probably March when weeds grow back in the yard)

    Thanks (and you don't have to buy anything!) But, I love that you read my not so subtle inuendos.

    Also, I had a dream last night that I should send invites to read...weird.

  6. My language skills are a little weak but I translate this as I'm supposed to give you some horse teeth but they don't have to be spectacular.

    You don't have to invite everyone. I can comment enough for all of em

  7. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth? or, a gift horse does not have to have his teeth checked!!!
    ha ha ha


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