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Friday, January 1, 2010

What is your word?


Everyone has a resolution. We've discussed this before. Stop the insanity (we also call it "INPOOPITY").

Just think of a word. A word that you keep close. A trigger. A gentle reminder to do that thing.

I'm beginning the year with one word (inspired by Christine Kane). I'm giving myself permission to totally kick it!

There were many words I could have chosen to utter under my breath all year long. My word could have been "Release"; good for those need to let go; not just for pack rats, but emotional baggage, too. For a while I saved the Macy's catalogs to make art, but it filled a closet and spilled into my studio until someone sent the county over with a psychiatrist to determine that I had issues and needed to be on one of those reality shows about people who wont throw anything away. The psychiatrist suggested that I am just an overambitious crafter and I should consider working on that project soon. I suppose I'll get around it real soon.

There is also this routine of the closet and the desire to have clothing sizes ranging from 4-14..It's important to know that no matter what you have been through, something will fit. Plus, people might come over and need something to wear. I have tie dye bikinis, lingerie with elastic that has lost it's mojo, and red leather snakeskin pumps. This past year, I felt good about going through my closet and donating every piece of clothing that was too large for me, leaving only room to get smaller. (chuckle) I thought I was doing so well with that move, but now, I only have one pair of pants to wear! See, I was smart to keep all that crap. I just need to move a little more and I'll get to throw more things away real soon!

Another word: "Finish"! We have an unfinished bathroom, molding that isn't put up! How about "Health"?: There's a treadmill that isn't getting used (but that's normal though, right?), and closets and corners and nooks that are how about "Organized"?

When I read Christine's list, I didn't need to think of any more words, it popped out from the list she left for my inspiration. I get a lot done, I really do. I make my bed every morning (see post from Jan. 1st, 2009) and my house is reasonably clean. I get a lot done in the midst of what is left behind. But, there is so much I don't do. So much I wish I was doing. So much I am too lazy to do. So much I just talk about doing. It didn't take long to realize (about 10 seconds) that if I chose that word for me, all the rest would come to be! It was very clear.

As clear as deciding you have to pee but you're too lazy to get out of bed to do it, even though you know that you can get back into bed and then you'll be REALLY comfortable.
My word is ACTION!

What are you gonna whisper to yourself for 365 days every time you need a kick?
Go here, read this and ponder, then find your own! Christine Kane's Blog!
And thanks to my friend Kathleen Krucoff for always writing great stuff and introducing me to Christine!



  1. Great info, I will have to contemplate what one word works best but I have a few ideas now and think it is a wonderful idea - I'm leaning towards delight, or attitude they both kind of work for me.

  2. Sounds definitely could have a good year with that word!

  3. Thanks - now I don't feel such a loser being too lazy to get up to pee. Well, what the hell, I have a wife to change the sheets. Say, hang on to those red pumps for me. I pump iron like a OCD superstar but so far it has not made me any taller. But with those red pumps ....

    Also why don't you take the year 2010 as the year of relaxation and screw getting all that stuff done. Do you really think it will make a big difference 10,000 years from now?


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